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Buy your dream home

To buy a house, you will start to find a good location and a good neighborhood. We are providing most reliable home for sale information via our MLS free search in this website and very well experienced realtor to help you.
Here we have serious 3 step tips to help you to buy your dream home.

Step 1: Starting to buy your dream house.

It is better to do two things at this step.
1) Getting familiar the house and price level by using our MLS search.
2) Preparing financial condition, down payment, proof of fund and pre-qualified letter from bank or direct lender(s) and Fico score.

These two items are very important for you to prepare before get into detail search of the houses.
Always "Dream Home " is trade off with your "financial condition"
Our Realtor will help you this step 1 very quickly such as pre-qualified letter from direct lender or help get Fico score.

Step 2: Clarify what you want and what you can buy.

It is better to clarify following items as much as possible at this step.
1) Finance conditions comes first.
  • How much cash you can or want to use for this house? For down payment or full cash?
  • How much mortgage loan you can get.
  • What is the maximum dollars ($) you can buy the house? Make the dream to real world.
  • 2) Find the LOCATION where you can buy considering following conditions

  • Size of house, Lots size, New/ old/ distressed house, school district, commuting for work, environment,
  • Search houses on the market starting where you want to buy and which neighborhood you are fitting.
  • If the $ and "Dream" do not match at the location, you need to change location or cash to spend.

  • Now your dream become real with these two clarifications.
    Our Realtor will help you this step 2 to decide the best possible location fitting into your financial condition.

    Step 3: Now you can find house to buy with good price.

    1) It is better to go through several tips at this step.
  • Compare the subject house price with other houses on the market in the same area by using our website house search, and Google map to see the house and the neighborhood on the screen.
  • Check the environment of the house by map, public information and visit to see it.
  • If you like the house, environment and price, then visit and check the inside of the house.
  • 2) Grab the chance to buy good house. Don't forget, many peoples are looking for same good deal as you.

  • Decide quickly. Offer quickly. Still you can shop around until open escrow.
  • Closely monitoring by using our website (updated daily) paying attention to new listing, price changes, return to the market houses if you have time to wait.
  • Good house for you means good for many peoples. Prepare your mind to win the competition.

  • Now you can get escrow opened, close the deal and you get your dream home!.
    Our Realtor will help you this step 3 to walk thru this whole process to help you find your dream home.

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