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Sell Your House Quickly at Possible Best Price

Selling house with good price is a big challenge job comparing with buying house. You need professional specialist and tools to sell your house. We provide our MLS free search with very well qualified experienced realtor to help you. Click here for Short Sale
Here we have serious 3 step tips to help you to sell your house quickly at possible best price.

Step 1: Starting to sell your house.

It is better to do two things at this step.
1) Getting familiar the price level by using our MLS search and brand new house prices.
2) To understand how much money you can get into your pocket by selling it.

These two items are important you to prepare before to get into detail steps to sell house.
Our Realtor will help you this step 1 very quickly if you need.

Step 2: Now ready to clarify how much you can sell.

It is better to clarify following items as much as possible at this step.
1) Coming up sellable price.
  • Search the current for sale price in your neighbor. They are your competitors.
  • Get the sold house information from Gloria (called comp. list).
  • Coming up the price your buyer willing to buy, and the price you want and possibly sell it at best price.
  • 2) Study alternative way to sell the house

  • Clean up and face lift to move in condition, sell as is condition or improve it to become a higher quality house.
  • Sell as regular way, sell with owner finance, sell with loan taken over or lease to sell

  • The price and the speed of sale vary depending how you prepare it and the way you want to sell.
    Our Realtor will help you this step 2 with creative way to sell your house at fair price in this market.

    Step 3: Prepare and ready to sell.

    1) Get your prepared and ready show your potential buyers.
  • What price you can sell and how quickly you can sell are very much depending on how the house looks.
  • It is normal if you spend $10,000, you can sell more than $20,000 higher.
  • 2) Get help from experienced reliable Realtor to sell your house.

  • How quick the sale is depending on the realtor's marketing skill and servicer.
  • Find a realtor who use all new high technology, such as web site, email adv. Not only promoting in traditional way, but also knowing how to put your house on internet in a widely exposure way.
  • Realtor charges based on their capability and reliability. Remember, cheap or discounted commmission may not always good. The discounted service may cost you more time and life pressure and possibly get house discount price as well.

  • If everything goes smoothly, you should have many showing and some offers
    Our Realtor will help you this step 3 very much to get your house sold at best fair price in this market.

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