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Avoid Foreclosure by Short Sale

If your loan amount is more than current your house value or having difficulties to pay monthly loan payment, short sale will be best solution for resolve your issue and avoid foreclosure.

Short Sale is NO Cost to homeowner !!
You have a few selections to resolve the house payment issue. They are loan modification, foreclosure and short sale.

Comparison Loan Modification V.S. Short Sale
Loan Modification
A) No proinciple reduction.
B) Takes longer time and frustration, may or may not get it.
C) Require you to fall behind 3 months payment before lender will review your file.
Short Sale
A) Mortgage debt will be eliminated & cost nothing to you.
B) Per new regulation, lenders have to respond to the short sale offer within certain periods. The time will be much shorter than loan mod.
C) Short sale can completed while current on your payments allowing you to purchase another property immediately.

Comparison Foreclosure V.S. Short Sale
A) Kickout by lender cost you to be viewed an irresponsible homeowner
B) Extremly damaging to your credit, job or promotion prospectt will take more than 7 years before your credit recovered.
Short Sale
A) A workout that allow you to get rid of a bad dept you can no longer afford.
B) It is far less damaging to your credit and will allows you to borrow money again for purchasing home, car or any loan.

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